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Thursday Fun n Frolics 7.5.15

“Bed of Roses” [In a world where “Romantic” most often appears to be a display of voyeurism or the outburst of depraved minds, spilling their depraved fantasy filled with really ugly, vulgar jokes and calling that “romance”] is a wonderful romantic movie.

I don’t remember seeing such a beautiful matured romance (made after eighties) recently. There are some, but most of them are too immature for my thinking, where being kicked around by your lover yet forgiving them and forgetting everything is shown as a sure sign of true love or where serial kissers always get the virgins… ;p – in most of the movies my mindset just does not clicks with the definition of “love” they give, and “love” is something that I will define for myself, not for others but for myself! without remotest doubt!

So, this movie and the love that Christian Slater and the heroine (I am surprised that we did not see her in more romantic movies… she is absolutely adorable) is somehow my type of love, two persons who truly love each other, go head over heels and forgive when one grows a cold feet and hurts the other, just because she is too scared to commit!

It is a beautiful, heart warming movie for me, relished it from beginning to end!

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Thursday Fun n Frolics 30.4.15

The resurrection, I am quite enjoying this series at present, the storyline is new, fresh and the actors are really good.

It really makes one think about human nature, one in theory other in practical. We accept resurrection so easily when it is in myths, stories, but not in real life.

Can we actually accept resurrection in reality? If someone we have cremated/buried returns right in that age (revived too, not only resurrected) after decades/years?

There is no doubt that it is that same person but you can see the corpse in coffin too when you dig it to see if it has vanished from there and resurrected! As if someone made a carbon copy of a person and dropped him on your porch years after he died!

I am quite eagerly waiting to see what will happen in end, but I certainly wont want to be in shoes of any of those persons in whose life they returned!

Thursday fun n frolics 3.4.14

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Thursday Fun n Frolics 23.4.15

Have you seen the movie “Stranger than fiction”? No? You should if you love truly witty humour! it is a fantastic storyline and I am not going to ruin it!

The only actors I could recognize were Hoffman and Emma Thompson, they is amazing as always, apart from that the other three leading characters did more than justice to their roles, as a result they rewarded us with a masterpiece.

Do watch it!


Thursday fun n frolics 3.4.14

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Thursday Fun n Frolics 2.4.15

“Mom’s night out”, “Las Vegas”, “Vigillante” and Simon Baker are the little ingredients (thanks teagan for the perfect word) for my reappearance episode of Thursday fun n frolics, even though my posts will be whimsical I will try to revive my Thursday posts from today.

“Mom’s night out” and “Las Vegas” are two hilarious movies, if you have not seen them, please try them! They made me laugh like crazy!

“Vigillante” is a very thought-provoking (really violent) movie, a warning to the judicial system too, I really share the views of the writer/director of the movie because I too am an advocate for the innocent victims before anyone else!

Simon Baker, David Duchovny and Joshua Jackson- these three actors have been seen on the silver screen but for one reason or the other they did not clicked there, whereas in small screen they dazzle! if you have not seen “The mentalist” or “fringe” and you love stories that stimulate your brain you have missed something really good, better start looking for them!

till we meet again sweeties.

Thursday fun n frolics 3.4.14

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Thursday Fun n Frolics 15.1.15

My books are quite an example of it, but I have seen the same in case of Hollywood movies too, some of their titles are so misleading!

Recently I watched a movie named Street Fighter- The assassin fist, can you believe it I actually watched it? Yes sir! I did! Not only that I recorded it, and will be on look out when I can see the entire movie.

I was having dinner and like all feme soles I turn on the idiot box to non violent stuffs, so I just casually picked up the one which certainly wont start showing vulgar things in the midst of my dinner, knowing it will be a rubbish movie, in place of that it was a really good movie, with good story line, actors and a fantastic display of martial arts, the only sad part was when it was finished I wanted more!

They should think twice before deciding titles.

Thursday fun n frolics 3.4.14

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Thursday Fun n Frolics 8.1.15

Well, being a cry baby I usually skip these movies, but being irresistibly attracted to Red Indian culture (or any other ancient culture) I just could not stop myself from watching “Bury my heart at wounded knee”- What a movie, can’t deny i sniffed half way through but at the end I realized yet another time that Red Indian culture was one of the wisest cultures of world.

I was totally knocked out when Charles Easton, the lead character of the story said “There is no word for ownership of earth (land) in Sioux!” that I think one of the most amazing information I have ever received.

What a culture it must have been! What a fantastic, amazing culture!

Do watch it if you can manage.

After that, if you have sniffed half way through it, and want something warm watch “Second hand lions” or “Raising Helen” two really cute movies I have seen lately.

Thursday fun n frolics 3.4.14