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Friday Journals 8.12.17

Have a fun-filled Friday!
Want to become my patron?
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I love writing, painting and reading can you help?

Let me share a little stuff with you, which is not a secret, due to some ugly people I cant go out and work like luckier people (in my dictionary)! I have been bullied into staying at home by some really filthy and dangerous people since 2007, but I keep trying to do something which will earn me my bread, I am sick of exploiting my younger brother’s generosity!

My latest attempt is creating a profile in patreon, till now it is serving my purpose, it is allowing me to pile up my money in their account because I don’t have a fully active bank account, that is, my bank account DOES NOT ACCEPTS FOREIGN CHECKS AND EFT OF ANY TYPE! So the only way you can help me is via my patreon account, by becoming my patron!

What can I do in return of your generosity?

Well if you spend $1 (every month) there I will upload Agnishatdal there every month, you can download it from there.

If you spend $2 every month you will get Agnishatdal and Agnijaat in above-mentioned process.

If you spend $3 You will get the Ezines and a book of stories Agnimalya.

If you spend $4 you will get the Ezines, Agnimalya and another book.

If you spend $5 you will get a piece from my upcoming book!

All I can offer you is my creativity!

If you become my patron there I will be able to write, paint more and read your blogs a little more regularly, because I will be able to stop worrying about marketing of my own works, that will save a lot of time! Believe me!

Will be immensely grateful to see you there!

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