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Agnishatdal Book 14, Saraswatipuja 2021 critique by SB

Agnishatdal Book 14, Saraswatipuja 2021
( )
Critique by SB

Agnishatdal book 14, saraswatipuja 2021

Agnishatdal book 14 shares works of Saptarchi, Very thought-provoking set of essays, fully based on real India. Each and everyone makes you pause and think about the direction we Indians are taking India, especially after electing our Nazi rulers for second time! We can’t even say like Pakistani people that army grabbed the power. We elected these crooks twice, willingly!

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Photography trip 11 12.12.20 Alipore Zoo 1 shot 13

A select set of my photographs and paintings will be available to my patrons in patreon from January 2021
$1 patrons will get a set of photographs
$2 patrons will get a set of photograph and paintings.

Become my patrons and make me happy!

have a great day full of joy and laughter!
lots of Love.

Sharmishtha Basu

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Agnishatdal Book 14, Saraswatipuja 2021 critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Book 14, Saraswatipuja 2021
( )
Critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal book 14, saraswatipuja 2021

Agnishatdal book 14 shares works of Saptarchi, it contains a really good set of essays about India, they are very contemporary and very honest and thought provoking. I personally very much agree with Saptarchi’s views in almost everyone of them.

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Buy me a coffee!

A little help from you will help me more than you can imagine! It will help a desperately struggling author, artist survive.

Situations are not in our hand, so instead of working 9 to 5 in an office, earning money through menial or mental labor which sort of sounds easier to do if you ask me when it comes to earning money! Boring, frustrating, cumbersome but you know what is expected from you to get your salary, but life won’t permit that easy way out to me so here I am desperately trying to make something out of my writing and painting.

I write, paint and photograph [for own recreation] a lot in my own independent style. I have been desperately trying to make something out of these because I don’t have any other means of income, situations won’t allow that, even though I always wanted to be a career woman.

I write whatever I feel like [poetry, story, essays etc], paint and photograph everything that impresses me and is in my capacity and then put them together as books and try selling them.

But you know how hard it is without marketing, and for marketing you have to give too much money and that is something I absolutely don’t have. I can assume that many of you supporters are here to give chance to authors/artists like me who can’t afford to market their art/passion and don’t mind trying out authors/artists you have never heard of. Actually I am desperately counting on that adventurous, generous side of you!

So, if you will kindly browse through my membership and other plans I will be truly grateful and if you decide to help even a bit I will be forever in debt.

Membership Plan

$50 [annual] Any five of Agnijaat/Agnishatdal/Agnilipi/Agnimalya/Coming Kingdom/SBPnB-

Agnijaat and Agnishatdal

are monthly English Ezines, both in English, Agnijaat contains only my creations and Agnishatdal is created by a group of authors and artists.


Agnilipi will share a set of photography each month, they maybe versatile or one single topic. Do share your views after checking them out.

I am not a great photographer, let me tell you, just an amateur one armed with a point and shoot camera most of the time and am honing my skill on a DSLR lately but am far from getting satisfied with my handling it yet!


Agnimalya is a book of stories, some old stories and mostly new stories are included in it. The mood depends on the stories included- that is- they are unpredictable! I try to make them as versatile as possible and sometimes throw in some flash-fictions lavishly illustrated for you!

You will have to check out a few copies to get the feel. But just as I said I try to add all genres but not in the same book, and I don’t really stick to one genre for one book mostly, maybe I will in future, but not at present. Most probably you will enjoy a dose of love in the February Issue or Durgapuja in autumn….


Agnipat will share a set of digital paintings each month, will decide each month the contents to be shared. If you like my clumsy paintings you will like this book.

Coming Kingdom

Coming kingdom at present is sharing stories of upcoming books, right now it is sharing stories from the books to be published (republished) in Amazon Kindle. Every month it will share few stories.

Check out the stories and share your views!


SBPnB is a book of illustrations mainly. As you can guess from the name the priority has been given to the illustrator inside me! I love to paint and this is the book through which I am sharing my paintings with you.

Sometimes you will get them with quotes, sometimes with poems or flash fictions. But whatever will be there the size of the words will be quite short, so that each post’s length is one page. Sometimes they may get longer but not necessarily!

For the cuppas:

If you are offering a cup or more than a cup of coffee, pick up any of the creation for each cup please! [one creation for 1 dollar], I will send it to you! If you want you can give $10 and get the one of your choice for a year, you know the math, if you want two it will be $20. Leave the name of the ebook/pdf file in your comment so I can send it to you.

Few samples for you:


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pranic poetry by Scott Hastie

Scott Hastie is a full-time Scottish born writer, based in the UK – he lives and works in tranquil surroundings in the English countryside, some twenty miles north of London.

Primarily a poet, Scott also has had one novel – ‘Reunion’ published, as well as several lavishly illustrated local history books. Over ten of his books remain in print today – principally his two early signature volumes of poetry: ‘Selected Poetry’ & ‘New Poetry’, first published in the 1990’s – together with showcases for newer equally distinctive work, such as the beautiful and soulful ‘Meditations’ first published in the Autumn of 2013.

Scott’s current poetry is very much a positive and sparkling affirmation of human potential, with a growing emphasis on spiritual awareness. Given the impact of this more recent output and its fast growing cross-cultural popularity around the world, a much more definitive and comprehensive hardback collection of all his latest work entitled ‘Angel Voices’ was soon brought forward for publication by Centuria in September 2014.

More recently, his recent poetic output has been re-edited and consolidated into the spiritually themed landmark collection ‘Threads’. This, with doubt, the definitive collection to date… Already widely translated and released to international acclaim in 2016. Following his recent success and growing worldwide exposure for his work, his only novel to date Reunion was released as an e book in the Spring of 2018.

For well over a decade now, the writing of Scott Hastie has attracted international attention and has been widely translated. A new collection ‘Pranic Poetry’ Scott’s first for nearly four years, was finally published in March 2020. Seemingly always destined to be released at the very beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, it really struck a chord with readers all around the world.

Hence the accelerated release of his first fully retrospective collection ‘Timeless: the best of Scott Hastie’s poetry 1990-2020’ and it’s companion volume ‘Splinters of Light: quotations from the poetry of Scott Hastie’. The planned publication of both these titles soon being advanced by six months, into the Autumn of the same year, to help satisfy the ever accelerating international demand for his work.

“It is at times like these that we need the fairest glimpses of hope, rejuvenation and a deeper understanding of the potential to realize our very best – especially in the face of such on-going adversity.” Perhaps this is why Scott Hastie’s poetry achieves such an impact and is so well received around the world.

Fortunately, it is also very easy to dip into Scott’s poetry at his highly visual and popular new web site at which freely displays samples of both his already published and latest unpublished work. As a writer, Scott is very open and likes to encourage maximum participation and feedback from his readers. His web site offers the chance to post comments, both on individual pieces or more generally, if you wish… And also encourages dialogue about writing. Scott offers mentoring services to other creative writers/students around the world. He is passionate about visiting and learning from other cultures and his web site also features many fascinating photos from his extensive travels around the world.
Pranic Poetry: annals of one soul’s journey, closer to the light

For well over a decade now, the writing of Scott Hastie has attracted international attention and has been widely translated. The most definitive collection of his poems to date ‘Threads’ first published toworldwide acclaim in 2016. “Via an invisible gilded chain of perception, Scott Hastie generously leads us through an enthusiastic re-invention of the possibilities of new experience. His inspired words bestride the world with such ease, touching the deepest sensibilities of human beings everywhere.” This, his latest collection, draws much of its inspiration from his ownrecent studies and practice of Pranic Healing, under the auspices ofthe Institute of Pranic Healing in the UK. Strands of light and insight thereby accumulated over several years are woven through every new poem included in this truly inspirational volume. A book that is sure to delight, both all his existing readers and many more too, captivated by the notion of maximizing life’s extraordinary blessings and opportunities. Once again, key truths captured and brought to life in Scott Hastie’s hauntingly beautiful and distinctive poetic voice. Genuinely, a book that could change your life for the better!

From the Author
It is at times like these that we need the fairest glimpses of hope, rejuvenation and a deeper understanding of the potential to realize our very best – especially in the face of such adversity.  Perhaps this is why the poetry of Scott Hastie achieves such impact and is so well received around the world. His writing inspires such clarity of thought, perception and heartfelt compassion for the emotionalrainbow that is the human spectrum of existence, shedding multitudes of colour and light where otherwise there might have been storms or darkness, joy or sorrow, pain or redemption. 
Shari Jo Le Kane, Writer, Poet, Editor & Literary Critic St Louis, Missouri, USA.
Scott Hastie invites all of us to an endless journey within his words and feed us with fruit for the soul in each and every line.
He gives us new brushes to paint our desired world, as well as fresh descriptions to create a new world which is truly Pranic, thereby allowing us to soothe our struggle and pains with vital life energy.
A hidden gem within the inner-self to heal and balance our soul, Scott awakens and illuminates us with the endless counterpoint, the dilemma of life and death and shows us how ultimately we can and will celebrate life with hope together.
Sahar Tavakoli, Poet Translator and Publisher Iran.
Powerful Feelings that overflow with spirituality and Scott’s soulful heart! Poems that are reverent and profound, but so easy to interpret.
Certainly not the poetry that leaves you scratching your head, but instead taking away many precious lessons. My favorite poem from this book is “If You Are”! I can so relate to the beautiful words here that really hit my heart very hard. Scott’s book will definitely be the newest collection to my library This collection is uplifting and empowering for anxious humans everywhere in our challenging world today!!
Scott, the poetry in this special collection was given to you by a higher force!! I honestly feel that.
Laura Laveglia USA.
Pranic Poetry by the very talented writer, Scott Hastie, is an excellent and inspiring collection of poetry which allows us to pause, ponder and feel the light of life in various illuminative ways.
An abundance of well crafted poems in this book speak of our deeply felt longings and hopes, despite the sadly expressive things around us in today’s world. As each line proceeds, ordinary words become extraordinarily powerful through the amazing linguistic features and figures of speech employed.
This is indeed a magnificent book to treasure. A masterpiece of its kind, I highly recommend this title to everyone.
Munia Khan, Author of ‘To Evince the Blue’ & ‘Attainable’ Bangladesh.
Pranic Poetry features the life of a once innocent spirit now tempered by strains of age, loneliness, and loss. The author understands what is at stake, but nevertheless continues to pursue the nameless journey. It is a rewarding yet imperfect movement. Heavy stars & dreams dip into the horizon. It is as if the narrator has announced to the Universe his own frail mortality. We all seek a semblance of richness. It is why all of us strive for a sense of wholeness while the rest is broken. Pranic Poetry offers so much fruit ofexperience. After all, even the rarest of Nature’s wonders need to be protected. I feel as though this collection of poems is universally tendered. It applies to each lingering thought of what once was and indeed the future in its enlightened eyes. A delicate heart within, contradictions are assembled here. Light & Shadow bathed in this everlasting glow. God himself in the fear of humanity and Love’s devotion. You will feel released as the aura opens itself. All of your frustrations & insecurities will dissolve like a salted lake. Each poem imbues a certain wisdom, a molecule of truth renewed. 
JT Smith, Poet New York USA.
Scott Hastie benefits all his readers by masterfully reinventing routine events and adorning them with commendable spiritual impressions. He writes in a simple but captivating fashion about whatever we usually ignore in this chaotic modern life.
Mahnaz Mohafez, MA in English Literature and Literary Studies Iran.
In this time of unprecedented eventualities and a life bestrewn with uncertainties, your each poem so profoundly portrays the stark realities of life, with ease and poignancy; yet ending on a happy positive note.
In brevity, reflecting the Light and Might (inner resilience) of your Shiny soul, sir! It is as though you are talking to each one of us in person…
A cry of the Soul…For another Soul…The pangs of one’s heart.
Neena Sharma, Singer India.
The poetry of Scott Hastie touches not just the aesthetic value of his beautiful words, but reaches far beyond oursenses into our carefully guarded spirit. He weaves a gentle inner voice around us, a soft cocoon that recognizes hardships both past and present and then reminds us of all the light that can awake in that darkness. He shows us how these energies co-exist together, a symbiotic fusion of light and darkness to keep us from being overwhelmed by either for very long. Scott Hastie’s poetry reminds us of those gleaming moments. Offering us divine whisperings of reassurance that when Life seems sightless and cold, we can look upward and inward to find a hearth to warm ourselves and learn to see afresh again. Scott Hastie is aword artist of both infinite depth and spiritual magnitude.
Rebecca O’Donnell, Author FREAK: The True Story of an InsecurityAddict and Robin the Mighty Red Breast New York, USA.
Scott Hastie’s newest collection Pranic Poetry is a nuanced, multifaceted work which dares the reader to not merely read it, but to answer the myriad questions he puts forward regarding Man’s place on the planet, his relationship to the creatures that co-exist with us, his relationships with others, as well as, with himself.
Are we worthy of forgiveness? Are we, given all our sins, the daily assault on the planet by chemical companies, big business, and government, as well as those perpetrated by the individual towards himself and his fellow man/ and the creatures who inhabit the world with us? Do we deserve such absolution and more importantly, is such a prospect in accord with the other beings on the planet even a possibility?
Hastie does not attemptt o provide answers to these questions, but asks us to think about them, and in the end, encourages us to consider: “A quiet and gently truthful;humiliation that then paints both us and our prospects so differently, my friend.”
The key here is that in this, he acknowledges the ‘different’ paths that each person is traveling, and moreover, how those differences impact the individual and his ability to progress on a journey through this life. It is, not an authoritative demand, but rather a thoughtful query, which allows each person to have their struggles and through that, to meet one another in the end, at a place of solemnity and peace.
This book may seem like a pabulum for the at first, but in this is there is a keen subtlety to his writing, which works on the reader by not attacking, or berating him/her, but instead, through the guise of sweetness is peppered with moments of not an out and out rebuke but one that is served with a chase of cream, a kind of emulsified chastisement, more like that spoon full of sugar which helps ‘the medicine go down’. One reads it, absorbs the elixir without minding, because its’ taste is not sour, though the effect distills, Hastie’s plea is one that though delivered with the song of the ages, equally sounds the bells of fury.  Aria Ligi Poet, San Francisco, Caifornia, USA.