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Thursday Fun n Frolics 27.8.15

Do you like good comedies, the ones that mostly stay within the limits of decency? Then you should try Nanny McPhee and its second part, the first part is absolutely hilarious! The second part, well I tried to copy it but that night there was a power cut spree, I could manage only half an hour of the movie but appeared really promising!

Will have to wait till they show it next time, the first part is priceless, the second part appeared to be good.

thursday fun n frolics

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Thursday Fun n Frolics 20.8.15

Well, Hugh Grant always makes me laugh, quite successfully, barring one movie in which he played the role of a doctor trapped in a vicious net of human traffickers, who performed illegal experiments on people.

Recently watched to amazing movies by him, Music and Lyrics and Mickey blue eyes, if you like his style you can try both movies, they really, really made me laugh 🙂

thursday fun n frolics

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Friday Anecdotes 14.8.15

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

People will say and do things
to prove their superiority over others
or will do that to misguide
have their own ulterior desire
there are people in this world
who still believe that others
are flock of sheep
and they are shepherds or wolves
they can guide, horde or devour them
for their own sake or theirs.

Once upon a time, not very long ago was a little girl, who grew up in a joint family type of environment, being the silent student she studied people around her, and from quite early days noticed that how people misguide others for their own purposes.

Fortunate for her she took time to react but even then they often had the upper hand because they were too cunning, so with time she realized that people who want welfare of others are not as persuasive as those who want their own welfare, you should…

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Friday Anecdotes 7.8.15

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

She was never one
to dabble in religions
a bit devoted to own
but from the very start
she has been taught
to respect every man,
never be judgmental
without concrete fact.

So when the Babri Mosque was pulled down she utterly detested the power hungry politicians who caused it, when Hindu and Muslim started slaughtering each other she wondered where was their brain!

A country that in past has seen both the religions living together mostly in absolute harmony, learning from each other, respecting each other were dancing to the tunes of monsters who pitted them against each other.

In the end, after all the blood shed and misguided actions she still blames those who pulled down the babri mosque for the things that followed it, even terrorist attacks.

So, even if they are ministers and more of this country now dreaming to create a HINDU COUNTRY she hopes…

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From the quill of femme sole 14.8.15


Why do we pay so much attention to fashion and other things that society tries to fool us with, so that we don’t waste time expanding our brain?

I was a perfect nightmare to fashion conscious classmates of mine, from school, due to tonsillitis I used to wrap my neck with ugliest looking comforters and had to wear extra woolens, which was a nightmare for my friends, so many times they tried to stop me but failed because there was no question of tormenting my body, with time I realized how vain their way of looking at the world was.

I started wearing sari at a very early age and ever since then I have been in love with those five yard wraps, even though I absolutely love them I don’t wear them. 🙂 because I don’t like the garbage on the roads and saris do touch the ground when…

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Sunday Secrets 9.8.15

The Lotus of Fire

I rather prefer it when people address me by my name in internet and formally when they are face to face or by name, whichever they prefer.

Now, there are two reasons I don’t like to be called sister, auntie or anything else because number one they remind me of my ex family, and my toxic relationship with them of course.

two, no matter how hard you try, when someone calls you sister, auntie, daughter… a little expectation forms in your heart that the person will respect that “relationship”- which in today’s world I have seen is quite tough, at least I will give Indians 1 in scale of 100 when it gives to give a relationship its worthy respect, value. Ah! I know your relatives can be perfect but not in my world, and I don’t live in your world so … in the end I rather prefer formal…

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