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Character Recap – Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers

Introduction to the characters of Alchemist and the woman in trousers

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“This must be Thursday.  I never could get the hang of Thursdays…”  Douglas AdamsEngineer n Engine

It’s Thursday as I post this, and here I am with a mid-week treat.  But don’t panic! It’s not that you didn’t get the hang of Thursdays. Neither did time run away with you.  I promise the steam locomotive to the Victorian Era will be at the platform on schedule this weekend.

I know I’ve said it before but everything about the serials I post here, week by week, is inspired by the “three things” you readers give me.  The events, contraptions, even the characters are rooted in the things (or ingredients as the case may be).  So I can’t be sure how near we are to a conclusion for this serial, but in the previous three serials I’ve done a recap post when I think we’re about 2/3rds of the way through the story.


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A Picnic At Knole and Hedgerows


Dragonscale Clippings

Due to being ill for the last 9 months, I haven’t had any time to send out work anywhere. However, some poems and a story I sent out before I fell ill, have been published.
My short story, A Picnic At Knole was published in Liphar Magazine’s 2nd story collection which can be purchased at Liphar Volume 2. You can read more about it at A Picnic At Knole
Dial 174 has continued to publish my poems, the latest of which is No, I’m Not Interested In Babies! This poem was written years before I met my soulmate, when I was fed up with being asked why I hadn’t got a boyfriend…
Dial 174 is available by post from John Claypole, Editor, Dial 174, 6 Helpston Rd, Glinton, Peterborough, Cambs, PE6 7JT. If you do subscribe, please mention my name!
More recently, I’ve had a poem published at Hedgerow

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Holiday Weekend and DoW Snippet

Teagan R. Geneviene’s upcoming book dead of winter

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Trust UR Story Neil GaimanIn the past, part of my “real” job was writing a weekly motivational message.  I was basically “ghost writing” as/for the Senior Executive Service level director where I work, but he never made any secret of the fact that I wrote his messages.  (That was a couple of “Directors” ago.)

People would ask me (especially if they knew there were stressful or disappointing things going on) how I wrote such motivating missives week after week after week.  Well, believe me there were many weeks that I didn’t think I could write a single uplifting word.  But whenever I got started writing a message, I found that I was encouraging myself as much as I motivated my audience.  And if I heard the smallest whisper that I had lifted someone’s spirits, it sent my own faltering heart soaring.

That’s how I feel here, when anyone says I’ve buoyed them up in some…

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New Interactive Serial – Episode-1

Take us through another enchanting Journey o weaver of magical stories! 🙂

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Three Things: A culinary mystery with “things and ingredients” sent from readers everywhere.

Welcome one and all!
It is my pleasure to tell you that we have a first-time contributor of ingredients/things to begin this “interactive” serial.  John W. Howell did me the honor of sending things for the kickoff of the new story.  I hope you’ll visit his wonderful blog and take a look at his book too.  You’re sure to enjoy your stay there.My GRL cover

Last weekend I did a poll, asking everyone to vote, choosing from several options for the next serial.  (And I was downright pleased with myself for getting the handy-dandy poll thingamajig to work too!)  Quite a few of you were kind enough to click on your preferred option.  So now I will announce the results.  Drumroll

A solid 44% of you voted to …

Begin an all new serial from scratch, with…

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Rewind – Three Things – Conclusion

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New YR faeriesSheiks and Shebas, welcome back.  It’s time to conclude this rewind of our first “interactive” serial!  It was fun romping through the Roaring Twenties with you in 2014.  I’ve met many new friends that I treasured right away.  Just as importantly, old friends stuck around too.  I hope our serial’s family grows even more in 2015.  The more the merrier.

You’ve all been the cat’s pajamas.  I wish each of you a New Year that brings your fondest dreams to reality.

It’s time to pop the cork on this conclusion.

Happy New Year!

1915 New Yr

Three Concluding Things Episode 30, Part 2

Clasped Hands, Harpsichord, Pyx

The sky looked as gloomy as I felt.  What were Frankie and his cousins up to?  And why had he become so quiet and distant?  Maybe if I caught up with them I could find out.  However, before we had gone two feet down the…

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