These are the two main category of trolls in my world, and they are really too many in numbers.

greecie and her friends 1

CANDYGANG 30.12.14

Remember a few things about these really evil and or unsavory characters.

1. I dont know why they showed up in my life years ago, in 1996 or earlier I think. Even though I was not aware of their sheer existence they showed up in my life, a tight group of them with hearts filled with poison against me, and somehow they were hell-bent to destroy my life and in material sense they have accomplished their mission.
2. Their hearts maybe of demon but their faces are quite pretty, their age groups range from 15-16 to 60 and they are mostly women.
3. They are either criminals or involved in activities that are socially shunned- imagine the most heinous activities- I have seen it in the people who have been stalking me since 1996.
4. Their spite often spills out against those who care for me too, and they try to harm, cheat, insult, misguide them. Don’t under-estimate them. Quite a hefty percentage of them are educated, quite rich (you dont have to be a saint to become rich, right?)

So, even if someone claims to be my friend, relative or me trust that person on your own risk.

Read this story if it is not enough information for you:


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