Dayton Brookin’s next novel

Q: What have you learned after publishing your book?

A: That it takes more than writing a book for it to sell. I’m still learning how to to use social media to promote my work. Hopefully, one day someone will discover the book and it will take off. My suggestion for writers trying to promote their book is to promote it before they publish it, and to give updates on its progress. Just because you tell everyone on Facebook and Twitter that you’ve written a book doesn’t mean anyone will buy it. You have to get potential readers interested in reading it.

Q: Are you currently working on a new novel?

A: Yes, it’s “Punk Crazy” an action novel. It’ about four men who commit a terrible crime twenty-five years ago, and one of them is finally identified as the one of the killers, which unleashes a series of grisly events.

Q: When do you think the book will be completed?

A: In the next two months.

Q: Do you have someone editing the book?

A: Yes, I write and then print out the pages and have my editor correct as I go along. I wait until the book is finished to make all the corrections.

Q: Do you ever get discouraged by the lack of sales, and the state of publishing today in general?

A: I used to, but most of that is out of my control, so I focus on writing. Lamenting what might have been is a waste of time. You learn from your mistakes and move on. Too much fretting over the state of publishing will end up being your excuse to quit.

Q: Any other words of wisdom?

A: Keep writing, don’t abandon your dreams. No one ever said this was easy, but it’s worth it.

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