Kevin Cooper the author of Miedo and more.

1. Where are you from?
I am from Hull, in Yorkshire, England.

2. Tell me something about your present life.

I live with my second wife, Pat. I work at the minor injury units at Bransholme and The Freedom Centre in Hull. I enter and triage patients into the computer system for nurses to see them. At home I am an author, writer and amateur musician. I love travelling, I love the world around me, I love to read, watch movies of most kinds, but mainly fantasy and sci-fi. I like some shows such as Dr. Who, Broadchurch, Benidorm, and Death in Paradise, but I spend most of my time at home blogging and writing.

3. Tell me something about your childhood days or the favorite phase of your life, anything that has stayed with you!

The two main things that stayed with me from my childhood days are Life before Miedo… when I lived with my grandmother between ages 3-6. And, when we went on holidays to Flamborough and stayed in my grandmother’s caravan.

4. What inspires your works most? What stimulates the writer inside you most?

Just about anything could stimulate the writer inside. And I mean that literally. However the inspiration for my work, Miedo was from a longing to come to terms with my past and finally put it all behind me. Miedo started out as a writing exercise and developed into a full-blown childhood memoir. Miedo 2 which I am writing now, focuses on my teenage to young adult years. This will be followed by Miedo 3 which focuses upon my life in America.

5. What is your favorite thing in world? If more than one, then tell as many as you will like to share!

That’s tough. There are so many things I love in the world, but if I were to think of only one. It would have to be, watching the world go by… watching a bird as it gathers twigs for its nest, watching the seagulls fly, dive and circle around the cliffs and listening to their cries, Watching the sun set over the mountains and rise above the valleys. Listening to the crickets and the birds. Watching the fireflies at night. listening and watching waves crash against the rocks. Feeling my heart beat as one with it all. This is what my song, Beautiful world is all about.

6. Who will you be if your wish is granted, and why?

I would never wish to be anyone else. I would be afraid that I might lose my appreciation of the world I know if I was someone else.

7. If you wake up one morning in a tent and realize you are a gypsy, what will you do?

Relish the freedom, feed my horses, gather my family and move on to the next place.

8. What are you most afraid of?

That is for me to know and others never to find out.

9. Have you ever had any paranormal experience?


10.Who is your favorite person in life?

I think I would be in trouble if I didn’t say, my wife.

11. Do you have any hero? who is s/he?

Anyone who truly sacrifices something for others, with no thought for themselves (with the exception of fanatics) is a heroine/hero to me.

12. If you could change the world would you? what will be the changes?

I would never want to change the world… only those that govern it.

13.What do you hate most in the world?

Hate is a strong emotion and although the term is commonly used loosely in anger, to strike out with, even to say, “I hate…” I’m not sure if I could truly hate anything or anyone at least not indefinitely.

14.What are your hobbies other than writing
I love music. I love listening to music, dancing to it, (one may not call it that if they saw me) creating it. I compose my own songs. I love to sing (one may not call it singing if they heard me) and I like to make a racket on my guitar. (I can’t exactly justify calling it anything else, although I do surprise myself occasionally, quite accidentally of course.) I love to watch my favourite shows/movies on DVD (don’t watch live television… I’m either working, writing, blogging, out for a cruise, or doing some chores around the house) I love to read.

15.Who is your favorite poet? Why?

Homer for the greatest poem of all time: The Iliad seconded only by Virgil’s Aeneid. Both works are pure genius. Oh muse!
I like Christopher Marlowe for his reference to Helen of Troy in Dr. Faustus. It is pure genius and far superior to anything Shakespeare came up with. Marlowe didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

16.If you could change one thing about yourself what will it be?

I would be a more confident person and a better thinker.


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