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Friday Journals 26.4.19


He felt like banging his head on the wall. He sat there staring out of his window, at the bleak sky without a trace of cloud, just like his own life.

The only difference was he himself has driven away that cloud from his sky.

“Do me a favour! Will you?” Jit sounded so sincere. “I don’t dare to meet her, she is too hi-fi! Just meet her impersonating as me, and I will take care of the rest.”

Barun met her. She truly was fabulous. Too unfit for Jit; he thought he realized why Jit was not keen to meet her face to face. She would have rejected him then and there.

He did not know that Jit has already met her, impersonating as someone else, tried to woo her and the girl has rejected him. He was trying to settle his score. So like a spiteful lover he selected Barun, a true stunner to impersonate him. He knew very well that no woman will be able to resist his looks and charms.

Things went just as he planned. There was only one slight thorn, Barun fell in love with the girl and wanted to further the relationship, admitting to her that he met her using a friend’s name..

Jit had other plans, he had no intentions of seeing the girl happy, especially right in front of his nose, he had the girl’s heart as she thought that he was Barun and he had Barun’s blind faith because they were childhood friends and Barun was the trusting type.

So he played a cunning game, on one hand he settled his score on the girl by breaking her heart to pieces, using her temporary obsession with Barun (remember the girl thought Barun was Jit).

On the other hand he convinced Barun that he was in love with the girl and the girl was slowly inching towards him.

By the time Barun realized the game it was too late.

The girl has rejected them both from the core of her heart.

There was no chance of any change of mind in future either. When trust dies it dies forever.


Well, Sharmishtha Basu is fifth child of Late Dr. Shibaprasad Basu, she is Bengali, Indian, she took birth in Tundla, Uttar Pradesh, lived in and around Uttar Pradesh for the first sixteen years of her life, then returned to Burdwan, West Bengal , her family has dwelled there for five hundred years or so and are still dwelling there, she lived in West Bengal till 2015 February, since February 2015 she is living in Hyderabad. She is unemployed, unmarried so with lot of time and excessive energy, some evil people made her dreams of having a normal career impossible but that did not diminished her energy, so she utilizes her time and energy mainly by painting and writing, hoping that her books will become her dream career, her salvation in her words, she is a blend of bhaktiyoga and karmayoga. You can contact her through her blogs (main blog), her facebook page, amazon page or emails &

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